Amin Menhadji

    Amin is an avid obstacle course racer and a huge ninja warrior wanna be. He has competed in numerous races around the country including the coveted World’s Toughest Mudder. If he’s not at the gym, he’s either rock climbing, mountain biking, weight liftings or just monkeying around. He is a colon cancer survivor with a […]

    Arvin Pooni

    With a diverse background in athletics and dance, Arvin is now channeling his inner Ninja. Being a superfan of the hit show Ninja Warrior, Arvin is excelling in this sport and has dreams of becoming a Ninja Warrior himself. He is also working towards his Personal Training certification so that he can teach youth about […]

    Brandon Beauchesne Hébert

    Brandon is a ninja enthusiast and explorer of the world. He has been jumping, playing and creating his whole life and plans to continue this childhood endeavor throughout adulthood. He has been an instructor and practicionor of Parkour and Gymnastics traveling to United States, Europe and parts and Canada in hopes to learn something new […]

    Kirsten Hijdra

    Kirsten Hijdra is NCCP certified as a Level Two Men’s Gymnastics Coach. She is also NCCP certified in trampoline, swimming, sprint kayaking, a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, OCR athlete, mother of four… and has over 20 years of coaching experience and personal training behind her. Retired National athlete, Marathon runner whom fell in love […]

    Amy Atkinson

    Amy moved to Vancouver in 2011. She adopted a puppy (Midna) in 2012 and got addicted to trail running to make sure she got enough exercise – which was followed quickly by obstacle racing (mostly Spartan Race) within the next year. She loves training outside with her puppy… and in 2016 did her first Trifecta. […]